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Bendix - 80 V DRIVER | 3704378

Bendix - 80 V DRIVER | 3704378



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DynaPath CNC controls were manufactured by the Bendix Industrial Controls Division until 1984. After being sold by Bendix that year, the company was renamed DynaPath Systems, Inc. The company was moved during 1992 from Detroit, Michigan to a nearby suburb, Farmington Hills. The company was also renamed Autocon Technologies, Inc., but continued to sell controls using the DynaPath trade name. It was during this period that a controls' tags and covers would have carried the Autocon name.Since 2001, the company has been called DynaPath USA or, more recently, a return has been made to the name DynaPath Systems, Inc. The company is now located in Livonia, Michigan.Our CNC controls reflect over 52 years of experience building the Bendix® and Autocon® Delta Series CNC control used on America's machine tools. DynaPath is now using this knowledge to produce a full line of CNC Controlled machines all powered by the DynaPath Delta 2000 series control.DynaPath Delta 2000 Series CNC, powerful yet easily understood functions provide cycle time reductions for the simplest to the most complex parts. In fact, all the information to make a part, from set up to the most complex cutting cycles, are simplified on the DynaPath CNC control. The DynaPath proprietary Conversational programming allows menu-driven, question-and-answer part program development. Or, switch to conventional EIA / ISO "G"-Code inputs for industry standardization. You can even use CAD/CAM generated programs input through the RS-232 Serial Port. At the operator's fingertips are a host of time savers like canned cycles, part rotation, scaling, mirror imaging, and automatic cycles . Plus tool compensations and fixture offsets. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese language.

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