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Since 1994, DigiMark® has provided professional systems management services to hundreds of small to midsized clients. From the first meeting, through design, implementation, testing, maintenance, troubleshooting and life-cycle/capacity planning and on to securing your environment, developing information technology policies and recovering from disasters, our associates have worked closely with our clients on successful solutions to their computing challenges. For those clients who have required it, we have worked with them on Internet-based marketing -- advertising and promoting their Internet presences with consistant, measurable results. We look forward to discussing with you how we might offer you the same expertise most cost-effectively.

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Image Manufacturer Part number Description # AVail Condition Price  
Digimark R03-2139 REV.E CONTROL PC BOARD 1 This item has a 1 year warranty. $398.00
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Manufacturer: Digimark

Part Number: R03-2139 REV.E


Available: 1

Condition: This item has a 1 year warranty.

Price: $398.00

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